Happy Life Mission

We are committed to bringing hope to  a child everyday. Get involved and make a difference  today

Happy Life Mission

We are committed to bringing hope to  a child everyday. Get involved and make a difference  today


Happy Life Mission gives hope to the abandoned children by offering them a HOME they can stay and a hope for adoption to forever families


We give hope to abandoned children by offering holistic quality education from primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions.

Health Care

We offer free medical care to Happy Life children and ensure they lead healthy life regardless of their conditions. Our Mission Hospital also offers top-notch 24-hour healthcare services to both children and adults in Nairobi and its environs.

We choose to love and take care of those that our corrupted world thought were not worthy. Through our mission, the children, who walk in with no name, get a name and grow to realize their life’s purpose and destiny

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God bless you for been part of what we have done in the past 20 years. We  have provided home to our children under Happy Life Children's Home for over 20 years. A lot of resources go towards  ensuring this is done daily and you can partner with us to help continue offering a Home to our children

We have children who  have been abandoned while as young as 3 months or even younger.  Some of our children fall sick and we take care of their medical needs at Jesse Key Children Hospital, our mission hospital. Your donation today would help take care of the children's medical needs

We have hundreds of children both in primary school at Happy Life Christian school and High School at Faith Premier High School. You can make a donation today to sponsor a child by filling their school bag with school essentials

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In the eyes of The Emecz (Part 3)

Twenty years ago the Happy Life Mission started with four

In the eyes of the Emecz (Part 2)

In the eyes of the Emecz (Part 2)

Our second week here in Kenya (see week 1 report)

In the eyes of The Emecz

It’s our tenth year working with Happy Life Mission and our ninth

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How it all Began

The abandonment of a child is unimaginable, but it happens every day in many countries of the world, and Kenya is no exception. Unemployment and extreme poverty, health challenges, substance abuse, family dysfunction, fear, and despair too often lead to the unimaginable. And we have witnessed it with our own eyes. Hospitals throughout Kenya regularly face the problem of mothers walking out of wards without their babies, never to return. It is not uncommon for a baby to be abandoned outdoors in a ditch or bush, pit latrines, or just left on the doorstep or in the hands of one likely to show compassion for the child.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”

In 2002, Peter and Faith Ndungu opened Happy Life Children’s Home to care for three abandoned children. In God’s providence and by faith, three turned into ten, ten turned into twenty, and on it went from there, to more than 650 and counting, and The Happy Life Mission was born